by Maija Mustonen

Heli Meklin’s short choreography as a part of The Greatest Dance Hits, is performed by Meklin and 9 other performers.

10 dancers.
10 pieces of music.
10 interpretations.

The Greatest Dance Hits is a performance of ten dances set to ten musical pieces, directed and based on the original idea by dance and performance artist Maija Mustonen. In it, 10 dance artists interpret ten great dance hits selected by themselves for themselves.

Heli Meklin’s ”dance hit” is a choreographed tableau vivant, inspired by the song Crucified by Swedish dance music group Army of Lovers and their pompous, erotic, and visually rich music video. The choreography is based on subtle shifts of attitudes, appearances, energy and states of being, that happens even if, and becomes recognizable only, when the outer movement stops.

Direction and concept: Maija Mustonen
Dance and choreography: Leena Gustavson, Joona Halonen, Jyrki Karttunen, Ninu Lindfors, Heli Meklin, Maija Nurmio, Anne Pajunen / Saara Töyrylä, Laura Pietiläinen, Anni Rissanen and Taneli Törmä
Lighting design: Anton Verho
Sound design: Viljami Lehtonen
Costume design: Suvi Matinaro
Director’s assistant: Hanna Ahti
Production assistant: Linnea Kejonen
Lighting designer’s assistant: Julia Jäntti
Photos: Timo Wright/Petri Summanen
Co-production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Maija Mustonen
With the support of: Ehkä Productions, Kutomo Residence
Premiered at Dec 2014, at Zodiak  – Center for New Dance