by Lintutorni

Heli Meklin created a durational choreography as a part of Lintutorni’s Remapping the Zoo – live exhibition in Korkeasaari Zoo, Helsinki.

Three ”sports predators” have been captured into the three rooms of old polar bear castles. They perform their habitual behavior, isolated from their natural environment and herd.  Meklin’s durational choreography is inspired by juxtaposition of animal herds and team sports as well as power of aggression.

Remapping the Zoo – live exhibition consists of two parts: alternative maps and signs of Korkeasaari Zoo (created by Paul Landon and Mirimari Väyrynen) and a performative act in the old polar bear castles (created and performed by Heli Meklin, Friederike Felbeck and Johanna Juhola).


Lintutorni is a group of eight artists who met at Kone Foundation’s Saari residency program in 2013. Artists are from different generations, working in diverse disciplines including music, dance, theatre and visual arts.  After the Saari residency, the group has continued their collaboration. Remapping the Zoo, in August 2014 at Grey Cube Galleries at Zoo Korkeasaari, Helsinki, was their first project together.

The members of the group are: Matthew Cowan (NZ), Friederike Felbeck (DE), Johanna Juhola (FI), Paul Landon (CA), Heli Meklin (FI), Jaakko Niemelä (FI), Minna Pöllänen (FI/UK) and Mirimari Väyrynen (FI)

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Concept: Lintutorni
Performers: Friederike Felbeck, Johanna Juhola, Heli Meklin
Co-Production: Grey Cube Gallery 2014, Lintutorni
Premiered at / Opening at August 2014 in the context of Grey Cube Gallery, at Polar Bear Castle, Zoo Korkeasaari, Helsinki
Photos: Maija Mustonen