Move the way you like because I love the way you move is Heli Meklin’s choreography, created and performed together with Ludovic Kerfendal.

It touches upon fears and passions of physicality and expectations of dance, based on Frenchman Kerfendal’s experiences. Kerfendal is “not a dancer of any kind” and wants that to be made clear as soon as possible. Meklin assists Kerfendal to encounter different situations of movement by interviewing, commanding and living the part with him.

The piece includes fast-paced dialogue and music from Sibelius symphonies to gay pop. Sometimes pathetic, often entertaining, the spectator is allowed to get to know Kerfendal’s character in all its humor and vulnerability, sharing an opportunity to relate to the diverse experiences of being human and corporal.

Concept: Heli Meklin
Choreography and performance: Ludovic Kerfendal & Heli Meklin
Lighting and space design: Tomi Humalisto
Photos: Laurent Champoussin
Co-production: Ehkä-production, Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland, Collectif 21/29.7, Heli Meklin
With the support of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Kone Foundation – Saari Residence.
Premiered in Feb 2014, at Contemporary Art Space Kutomo


Move the way you like because I love the way you move is a part of Heli Meklin’s As if… -project. In the project she meets different people in order to learn about their interests, excitements and fears towards dance, physicality, body and movement. Based on the encounters Meklin creates unique performances for each performer.

Move the way you like because I love the way you move is created together with the work In Your Mind. The two works are independent but are planned to be presented together. They complete each other and meet in unexpected ways. Themes such as corporeal ideals based on age, culture and gender, communication beyond verbal as well as breaking from the habitual are present in both works.

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