by Heli Meklin & Michael Laub

Bruce and more by Heli Meklin and Michael Laub is partly based on Meklin’s staged portrait in Michael Laub’s Portrait Series Berlin: Professional and non-professional dancers, premiered in Tanz im August 2007 in Berlin. Making use of Meklin’s personal life and experiences as a subject matter, this solo work continues investigating themes such as identity and pretense.

“I read a book about a lion called Elsa, and she became my idol. I also went on all fours and tried to walk pointing out my scapulas in very lionish way. I thought that people would think that oh, she has lived in Africa and.. she has been living with lions… and the lions have had really big influence on her appearance. I thought that living in Africa would be such a cool thing.”

Concept: Heli Meklin and Michael Laub
Performance: Heli Meklin
Lighting design: Nigel Edwards
Video: Anna Cadia and Heli Meklin
Music and sound design: Heli Meklin
Technical director: Anssi Mäkinen
Photos: Emilia Ikäheimo
Co-production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Moving in November Festival, Heli Meklin, Michael Laub/Remote Control Productions
With a support of: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Samuel Huber Arts Foundation
Premiered in Nov 2008, at Kiasma – Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, as part of Moving in November Festival